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Kakawate Leaves Ripen Saba Bananas

Kakawate Leaves Ripen Saba Bananas Studies made at the UP Los Baños showed that when raw saba bananas are put in kakawate leaves (Madre cacao / Gliricidia sepium), its ripening is hastened. This is because the kakawate leaves emit bioethylene, a gas that ripens fruits. It was also seen that when bananas are ripened with [&hellip

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Calauag’s Saba better and healthier with vermicomposting

Calauag, a municipality located in eastern Quezon, rears an abundance of coconut that covers more than 22,000 hectares. With the predominance of coconut in town comes the rising of yet another high-value crop, saba. Aside from being the largest fruit awardee, the saba variety grown in Calauag possesses a quality that is decidedly comparable to [&hellip

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