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Paratungon: An underutilized fruit with great economic potential

People tend to put premium on good looks. However, some of the most hard-featured looking fruits happened to be the most appetizing, if not the tastiest. For fruits, those that look good on the outside are usually given the first bite while those that are not are often overlooked. What’s more an ugly-looking, even utterly [&hellip

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Promoting the less-known, phytochemical-rich Pinoy fruits

Most young people nowadays are familiar with apples, grapes, plums, peaches, cherries, or pears. These are fruits that the Philippines imports from other countries because they only grow in cold climates. Meanwhile, indigenous fruits like anang, sapote, yambo, sapinit, katmon, kalumpit, lipote, binukaw, or paratungon are often given the boggled look and are being overlooked, [&hellip

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