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How to Make Nata de Coco from Coconut Milk

Another way of making Nata de Coco is by using coconut milk instead of its water. The same procedure in making Nata de Coco can be applied. Nata de Coco Using Coconut Milk Materials: 1 kilo Grated coconut 600 gms. Refined sugar 325 c Glacial acetic acid (available in drugstores) 1/2 liter Coconut water 12 [&hellip

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Dehydrated Vegetable Products

Because of oversupply, vegetables and fruits in season often wilt and spoil in our markets. The producers are forced to sell cheap and get only a small profit. By processing and preserving abundant, in season fruits and vegetables, people can sell these at much higher prices during the off-season. Preservation makes vegetables and fruits more [&hellip

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