As parents, it’s natural that we should have a desire to make our children happy. We try to take the best approach in all aspects of life, but there may sometimes be a feeling that we are failing to achieve the right results.

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That’s often a balance to be struck, with an acknowledgement that we have a limited amount of time available to us. It would be wonderful to imagine that we could spend endless hours dealing with the specific needs of kids, but the truth is that other elements of life tend to get in the way. Part of being a good parent is undoubtedly about providing the right circumstances in which individuals can seek to thrive.

In practical terms, this may involve concentrating on ensuring that the mortgage gets paid each month, that there’s food on the table and that your kids have the essentials that they need. When thinking in that light, we may feel that little has changed over the years.

Childcare issues

If you’re looking to run your own business, then you’ll also be aware of the fact that you face heightened pressures. Your entrepreneurial spirit may dictate that being your own boss offers business and lifestyle opportunities that simply wouldn’t otherwise arise.

There may also be a sense of guilt, however, that pursuing your own dreams means neglecting your children in some way. That’s something that seems to crop up when discussing this very subject with a multitude of parents. There’s often a feeling that making use of a childminder, or an early years education provider, should be taken as a sign that children are missing out.

I’m not so sure that such an attitude is quite right. In reality, kids often thrive in environments of this sort, where they can be surrounded by other children and will also experience a mixture of adult influences. It can certainly lead to increased confidence levels, together with speeding up the rate of learning. These positives that are associated with using independent childcare providers can be easy to ignore, but it’s worth remembering that they present real opportunities.

Finding your niche

You may feel comfortable with the idea of placing your child in the care of others, but it’s natural that you should want to maximise the time that you get to spend with them. How will this fit in with your desire to run your own business?

I think that’s a challenge that’s faced by many parents and the answer can often be found by looking at how your lifestyle has changed since having children. Many of us experience a real transformation, finding that our approach to time and activities changes considerably. You will undoubtedly have noticed a similar change.

This can actually open up the potential for new opportunities too. Your may feel that the amount of time available to you is limited, but there’s the chance here to see that as a positive. Why not consider taking on a role that fits in with the needs of your family?

At Female Franchise, we concentrate on helping many parents to make use of franchising in such situations. There are numerous activities that are suited to children, or other parents. As such, you can look to increase the amount of social time that’s available to others who are in similar situations to yourself.

Running your own business is difficult at the best of times and it’s easy to convince yourself that this is something that is beyond your capabilities. The reality, however, is likely to be somewhat different. If you’re able to think in positive terms and show real determination, then there’s absolutely no doubt that you can be successful.

Nick Tubb is the driving force behind Female Franchise, which is part of the wider Total Franchise network. Nick uses his expertise to help people find franchises that are suited to their skills.