Creating a minimalist living space can provide a calm, peaceful environment to come home to. The goal of minimalism is to live simply by owning less and not having unnecessary expenses — debt included. The focus is shifted from owning physical items to having and creating experiences. While this looks different for everyone, the result is typically the same: greater peace.

There are so many benefits to minimalist living including alleviating depression, increased energy and focus, and reducing overwhelm and mental load. This is because the clutter around your space can start to clutter your mind as well. 

A report from Princeton University stated that everything in your field of vision competes for attention from your brain. If you have to work extra hard to focus on one thing, you’re left exhausted. When there is less competition for attention, your brain can better focus on the task at hand.

With so much talk about minimalism and its benefits, it can be hard not to want to take a step down that road. And while getting started can be difficult, knowing specific things you can do makes the process less daunting. To get you started, check out this guide from TurboTenant so you can achieve the clutterless lifestyle you’ve been looking for.


minimalist living space