Custom paper cups are getting in trend for serving ice cream, hot chocolate, coffee, and tea. Restaurant owners now find it easy to serve these drinks in such cups because of their disposable nature as well as an easy mode of serving. Moreover, they don’t have to do the hassle of washing and conveniently serve the tea or any drink in disposable class. Previously companies use plastic glasses to serve ice cream or soft drinks. But now because of environmental hazards, the packaging industry has transformed the wide use of plastic into paper cups and boxes. These are useful, environmentally friendly, and reusable in characteristics. Certain other features make paper cups important for restaurants. These include

paper cups


The primary factor that makes custom paper cups important to use is the recyclable nature. The manufacturers use cardboard material to craft these cups. These are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. There is no fear of environmental hazards. Moreover, it does not react with the drink present inside. Thus keep the inside product safe for the body also. Because of this feature, companies now prefer paper cups made of 100% paper. Moreover, they are using 75% paper and 25% composite material to craft the alluring paper cup.

The compostable paper cups are plant-based. The designer uses polylactic acid bio coating to design such cups. This acid layer act as the moisture barrier, meets the quality standards, and makes it printable. Thus, the cups are available in a wide range of sizes and cups to maintain the freshness of the drink served in it.

Wide range of printing options

As the paper cups are crafted from the paper material, so designers can give them beauty by printing in various ways. The cardboard is flexible to multiple printing options. They can be printed in CYMK colors with lithography, flexography, or UV printing techniques. These all give an alluring touch to cups and customers love to take their favorite drink in the custom printed cups. The designer crafts cups in a unique way to give the cups an enchanting touch and make them presentable.

The best source of brand recognition

Because of printing flexibility, the companies don’t use plain paper cups rather they get the printing of the logo of their brand on the cups. Thus, it helps in giving the company recognition. This makes the cups promotional stuff and people become familiar with the brand. Moreover, most companies now print the logo and contact information on cups so people recognize and love to visit the restaurant.

Paper cups make excellent gifts for corporate.

The business owners have offices and they keep coffee machines so employees refresh themselves by taking coffee. For this purpose, the business now keeps the disposable cups for serving coffee, thus the promotional cup with logo graphic saves money as well as time. Moreover, premium quality cups are used for serving coffee or tea to clients. Thus, this makes a promotional source for a company and helps in the marketing of the company. These are used in difefrnet corporate events also to serve coffee as well as to market their brand.

Silent Mode of Advertisement

The last but not the least factor that makes the paper cups trendy is that it acts as the silent mode of marketing agents. As businesses now print their logo or contact information on cups. Thus, when someone sees the cup, he read about the contact info or the name of the company. Ultimately he gets know-how about the brand. In this way, the company promotes its name silently and gets recognition among the public.

Final Thoughts

Custom paper cups are the best means to serve hot and cold drinks. They are available in a wide range of designs and printing options. Thus, these are not ideal for serving a purpose but they are the source of marketing too. Restaurants now prefer the cups printed with their loo to cheaply advertise their chain and help people to know about their brand.