Grammarly is one of the advanced and best tools. It helps improve your text performance and gives many new ideas that may not be possible to get from another way. This is an automated proofreading tool that assists the English language strategies.

Grammarly takes place in every person’s device. But now it is available for the iPad as well. So do not need to too late. This is a great time to start Grammarly on the iPad. Before going towards how it is used in the iPad. We need to know the importance of Grammarly and why it is so popular.

Why Grammarly is Too Important

Here are some things that you may not know about Grammarly. When you go through these points, you will surely see why this tool is so important and under every person’s use.

Reason-1. Grammarly is a Native App

Grammarly is the native app that is used for Windows and Mac OS. It will offer easy to use options you have to drag the file that you want to check. Further work will be done by the Grammarly tool. It will also set on the Microsoft office tool to find out the time to time errors.

Reason-2. It Offers Mobile Keyboard

Grammarly keyboard app is designed for smartphones. This option is offering for those people who need the Grammarly on the go. It is an easier and convenient method for those who use Grammarly on iPad and mobile phones.

Reason-3. Choose Your English Dialects

Grammarly can easily switch into British and American English. So, the user can easily find out the mistakes according to different English barriers. This makes the work easier for freelancer writers that need different English language according to their work.

Reason-4. Grammarly is an Affordable Tool

No doubt, many text checking tools are introduced with the time. But the Grammarly tool gets importance from all others. The reason is this tool comes with highly affordable packages; the user can use its free version as well as a paid one. The affordable Grammarly premium version works efficiently at 85% and improves text visibility at 90%.

Reason-5. It also Shows Suggestions.

A person needs suggestions in every filed of life. So, when we are on writing aim, then the recommendations are the essential thing. Grammarly is not just for highlighting the mistakes. 

It also gives new suggestions that a user can easily add to the text. On the other hand, this suggestion feature is just available in the premium version of Grammarly.  

How to Use Grammarly on iPad?

Grammarly comes with many up to date features. So if you are a mobile user, iPad devices with you and wants the Grammarly use, then do not need to be a worry. 

You can easily use this tool on your iPad. Just follow the mentioned steps.

Step 1: You need to go to the app store and find out the Grammarly keyboard. Click on the download button and start downloading it.

Step 2: If you have the Grammarly premium account, then use it for the login. So, this will proceed as the premium account. On the other hand, if not, then just log in with your valid mail address.

Step 3: Set the Grammarly keyboard on your iPad keyboard. Just click on add Grammarly keyboard, then add a new keyboard, then Grammarly, and tap again.

Step 4: As every device needs access to give full access to the app. The same in the case of Grammarly allows full access to switch over the Grammarly.

Step 5: Now, the keyboard is set. You can use it at any time for any text. It will give full, proofread text without any mistakes. So, you can easily pass out the mails, informative text, and professional work. It will never off and stop at any time.

So, this is how you can easily use Grammarly on your iPad. Let me know if you face any kind of issues while installing or using this application of your device. Thank you!