Bitcoin Halving is a predetermined event where the number of bitcoins mined or generated per block will be halved i.e., it is divided into half.

It is an upcoming and trendy topic in the bitcoin network, in 2020, the total bitcoins mined per block from 12.5 to 6.25.

Bitcoin halving has to be conducted once in every four years according to the bitcoin formula.

Bitcoin’s monetary policy ensures that the maximum number of bitcoins generated is just 21 million. Thus, Bitcoin is valued equally as gold. Just as a fait currency government will not generate bitcoin as per anyone’s will.

Gold supply is very limited to the amount of which is mined from the earth, after a certain period it becomes scarce. Just to control inflation or to make bitcoin scarce halving is the best method.

Bitcoin is considered as a deflationary currency which is now leading the world with most advanced technology in all the sectors.

Due to halving, bitcoins become rare in supply and gradually increases its demand. Thus, this laid a pavement to most of the investors to enter into the cryptocurrency. As bitcoin value is unpredictable it leads to curiosity to all the new traders entering into the market.

Minors are the one who are mostly appreciated in the bitcoin network. But they just shut down their mining processes and exit from the market as they could not bear operational cost due to the halving effect.

The next halving is estimated to be held on 24Th May 2020.

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Bitcoin halving