Are you starting a business in a complex financial situation? Often, businessmen have to open their own company in difficult economic conditions.

Even operating businesses require financial investments to overcome crises incomes.

business loan

Where do you turn for the necessary money if you’re a business owner?

UpFinance provides complete information on SME business loans in the Philippines. This service presents an opportunity to compare on one page all the offers of financial organizations that issue this type of loans.

Can SME business loans help in complex financial situations?

Here are four reasons why SME business loans can be the best solution.

Online application

You can easily apply for SME business loans through the website or app. So you can apply from the comfort of home at any time of the day or night.

The approval

Many entrepreneurs can get approval for SME business loans within 48 business hours after you have uploaded the complete documentary requirements.

Since the loan guidelines tend to be more flexible, the verification of information is minimal, so that processing time can be reduced.


The other major advantage of SME business loans is that the disbursement takes place soon after the approval of the loan. Many companies will distribute the loan proceeds directly into your checking account one or two business days after the loan is approved.

Loan period

The loan term for SME business varies from 1 year to 5 years, and the loan amount can reach 5,000,000 PHP.