If you plan on starting your own business or currently run your own, then you’ve already looked into the startup costs. As you might expect, they aren’t cheap! In fact, the average cost to start your own business runs near $30,000.

Since the prices are so steep, cutting costs is always top of mind for business owners and entrepreneurs. One great to reduce costs is to find free business tools and software. Most SaaS products out there offer some form of freemium pricing (free trial periods or basic user plans at no cost). There’s literally thousands of products like these that businesses can use to reduce costs initially so they can funnel their money elsewhere.

One great example of this is project management software: a big paint point for many businesses out there is keeping their teams on the same page. But organizing projects across teams and departments can get hectic, which is why an effective organization tool is a must. These tools can get expensive, though; business accounts for these tools can run anywhere from $50 to $100 a month! Rather than pay the full amount month-over-month (especially if your team is smaller than 20 people), why not just use a basic free account?

Once your business is off the ground and making money, you can upgrade to a premium account with more features that accommodates large teams. This same strategy can be applied to most of your software needs as a business. As mentioned, though, there are thousands of places to find such tools online. To make the task of finding the best business freebies for startups out there a little easier, Wikibuy has compiled a list of 21 places to get free software tools in the infographic below.

free business tools