Attending a team building workshop empowers employees and motivates them to perform better as a team by developing a deep sense of collaboration while forgetting about personal ego. Team building programs encapsulate many different aspects like planning, problem-solving, communication trust building that constitute the elements of a team. The training programs are made attractive by choosing exercises and activities that simulate some games so that learning becomes fun and enjoyable. At the same time, the participants get a feel of the things taught in the training program because the games and activities help them enact whatever they have learned. By introducing charity team building events as part of the training, the program becomes much more attractive.

These Team building activities make learning life lessons more fun and enjoyable 1

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In this article, we will focus on some exercises and activities like Life Highlights, Egg Drop, Trust Building and Paper Towers that delineate the important aspects of team building.

Life Highlights – for communication improvement

The activity begins by asking each participant to close their eyes just for a minute and recollect the best moments of their lives. While participants keep their eyes shut, the leader of the activity or the facilitator or trainer asks them to consider what important 30 seconds event of their life they would like to live once again given that they have only 30 seconds to live. The participants must explain with enough reason why they chose the 30-second event, and this gives them the opportunity to get a feel about one another’s personalities, passions, and love.

Egg Drop – problem-solving skills development

This is an engaging activity that imparts problem-solving skills among the participants, even though the use of eggs can turn things a bit messy. The team is split into two groups tasked with the job of creating an egg package that can withstand the impact of dropping it from a height of 8 feet. A few tools and other materials are required by the groups to carry out the task. Once the packages are ready, each group must promote it just like advertising the product by stating how it works and why it is unique. After the presentation is over, each group must demonstrate the truth about their claims about the product by dropping the package from the desired height

Paper Towers –developing planning and or adapting skill

Planning and timing are extremely important to execute any work, and the exercise of Paper Towers aims at developing these skills by encouraging members to think by keeping their feet grounded. The exercise involves each team member contributing their ideas to create the tallest free-standing tower in 5 minutes by using a single piece of paper that the trainer gives them. When done, the trainer would invite the members to explain how they planned the activity, what can be done to improve upon it next time and who ran out of time.

The activities provide the team members with the opportunities of overcoming challenges and frustrations in ways that help better understanding and enhance growth. The learning is for individuals as well as the team.