Essential oils have been in use for hundreds of years both for healing and purifying effects on the body. Most health experts have revealed that essential oils are used for skin application, consumption or cooking, aromatherapy and speeding up metabolism.

7 Tips to Use Essential Oils to Improve Your Diet 1

They are powerful anti-oxidant concentrates; they come from raw materials including peels, roots, bark, wood, leaves and flowers. There are so many essential oils available in the market, but research says that the following are the best clove, cinnamon, orange and lemon. Here are 7 tested and trusted ways to use essential oils to speed up metabolism and improve your diet:

Drink it

You can drink these essential oils and there is no limit to what you can drink. Some of them such as canola, coconut and olive oils can enhance your taste buds, exercise plan and diet in multiple ways.

Additionally, they may assist in curbing food cravings, and energizing your workout. So, when you drink them, they can relieve insomnia and improve the quality of your sleep. You are definitely going to have a productive day when you drink a good dose of these essential oils.

Surely, drinking these oils may also help reduce anxiety, improve digestion, relieve tension, reduce feelings of depression, ease pains and aches in the body, and so on.

If you are feeling physically, psychologically or mentally well, you will be better positioned to do more tasks than people who don’t. Drinking these essential oils at least twice a week will guarantee these results. It is better to drink them than drinking sugary sweets.

More directly, drinking these essential oils may help to correct stretch marks, correct cellulite, energize your workout, and curb food cravings. Experts agree that these oils are good for you.

Curb food cravings

When you can’t stop taking foods like chocolate, French fries, ice cream, then these essential oils can serve as a perfect option. Taking these essential oils can help you to get back in shape within the shortest possible time.

Take them when you are stressed or tired and when you want to remain active. Studies also show that they help to provoke alertness and curb appetite, and can really help you to think more creatively and actively.

Below are some favorite oils for moodiness and cravings:

Bergamot (citrus bergamia) – the beauty of taking this oil is that it will help you to alleviate depression, and minimizes the production of cortisol. During particularly stressful time, all you need to do is to diffuse this oil so as to prevent you from experiencing mindless nibbling.

Grapefruit (citrus paradis) – this oil has a sweet aroma, and it helps in enhancing your mood. Its natural compound helps in controlling metabolism. Inhaling it can give you much needed energy and halt food cravings.

Lemon (citrus Limon) – this is an essential oil for mood brightening. Just take a refreshing glass of citrus Limon and you will feel better- it will ease pain in achy muscles and relieve muscle sore.

Add in Smoothie or Frosting for Flavoring

As you use these essential oils, feel free to add in smoothie or frosting for flavoring. Whether you are an experienced or novice baker or chef, you are advised to incorporate the nuances of frosting or smoothie in the essential oils before drinking them so as to improve your diet and/ or overall health.


One of the strongest reasons why you should take ginger essential oils is due to their ability to support the absorption of nutrients and improve digestion. You can diffuse them at home or at work.

You can diffuse as many as possible- you can either apply two or more drops to your skin after eating or you can inhale it directly from the bottle. Whichever one that is suitable to you, it will surely improve your diet. You can also diffuse them into your skin to improve your mood.

Improve digestion

The digestive process starts from the mouth with the help of our salivary glands down to our stomach and finally gets metabolized in the intestines. What most people are unaware is that the digestive tract plays a crucial role to our immune system. This is the place where our body’s bacteria separate the good from the bad.

By taking these essential oils, you can naturally and absolutely take charge of your digestion. They will help you to increase your gut health, digestive functioning, as well as overall wellness-naturally.

Neutralizing bad breath

Do you have bad breath? You are not alone. Greater percentage of people suffers from bad breath, which is well known in medical terms as halitosis. If you are the type of person that brushes two times a day or after ever meal, then this post for you. Take these essential oils once and for all to fight bad breath.

Studies have proved that flavors and strong scents of essential oils fight and neutralize bad mouth odors. Some of these essential oils have strong detoxifying, purifying and cleansing properties. Some of them are really powerful- they help to remove tiny food particles, tartar and removes plaque build-up.

Reduce appetite

Different studies have shown that these essential oils are really effective in suppressing appetite or the desire to eat as well as prevent overeating. These oils are most effective if you perceive them few minutes prior to meals.

So, try as much as you can to add some of these oils to your regimen patchouli essential oils, lime oils, lemon. Amazingly they contain same compounds such as sweet oranges and grapefruit, and this will help to activate suppression of hunger and soothe stress.


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