So, you’ve finally decided to be an entrepreneur and start your own business. You’ve done your research, read dozens of articles on how to write a business plan, and now, you’re ready to share your ideas to potential business partners.

But wait, as a rookie, are you confident that your business plan can adapt to the challenges of modern times?

Whereas it’s already hard to start a new business, what more to manage an existing one? Aside from seeing the big picture, you should also focus on the detailed aspects of maintaining a business such as operations, finance, and recruitment, among others to keep everything in one piece.

This is why you need a strategic business plan to make sure that everyone in your organization is aligned on your goals. Guthrie-Jensen, a leadership and management training provider, illustrates the five steps of planning for your team’s success in 2018.

From fleshing out your vision in strategic planning to discussing the operational and financial aspects of your company, the infographic below will give you ideas on how you can craft a business plan that fits your company so that you can stay focused on the road to success in the years to come.

Ideas on How to Craft a Business Plan that Fits Your Company 1