Cisco Start boosts support for SMEs to capture digital opportunities     

Cisco Bolsters Digital Transformation for SMEs in the Philippines 1

Cisco today announced the launch of Cisco Start in the Philippines, to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) capture opportunities created by the region’s rapid digitization.

SMEs are a key driver of the Philippines economy, accounting for over 95 percent of businesses, 30 percent of GDP and employing 60 percent of the workforce[1]. Amidst a wave of digitization across Southeast Asia and the Philippines’ rapid economic growth, SMEs need to adopt technology to secure their business, improve productivity and take advantage of new business opportunities to grow.

“Digital disruption, evolving customer needs and changing workforce expectations are changing the business environment for SMEs. While they tend to be resource-tight, SMEs are more agile and digitization presents a golden opportunity for them to grow and compete on a regional level. In this case, technology can help them do more with less,” said Enri Rodriguez, Country Manager, Cisco Philippines.

“Digital transformation is critical for SMEs to succeed but business owners are faced with various challenges in embracing digital technologies including financing and understanding the complexities of technology. As such, we have launched Cisco Start to ensure that SMEs have access to simple, secure and smart technologies to streamline their business and stay ahead in the digital age,” he added.

Cisco Start provides a portfolio of simple, secure and smart enterprise-class technology that lays the digital foundation for SMEs. More specifically it offers:

  • The right-sized, right-priced solutions wherever SMEs are on their digital journey
  • Enhanced operations, services and processes to reduce overheads and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Improved workforce productivity and innovation to meet the increased demands of today and the evolving opportunities of tomorrow

With Cisco Start, SMEs will enjoy efficiencies from an operational level: enabling them to respond quickly to changes in the business environment. By removing the complexity in technology, Cisco Start makes digitization easier to achieve, empowering SMEs to access critical business information in real-time, as well as enhance customer and workforce experiences. Cisco Start also provides a secure platform to protect business and customer data, given the increasing level of cyber threats. Such capabilities will level the playing field for SMEs to compete on a regional or international scale, offering opportunities for them to grow and innovate.



[1] Department of Trade and Industry Philippines “2015 MSME Statistics

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