It is typically recommended to follow in the footsteps of successful internet marketers for anybody looking to build a profitable business online! Although on the surface this seems like sound logic many successful entrepreneurs online have gained their competitive edge by just plainly being different!

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Let’s examine why NOT copying those who have succeeded before you may in fact give you the competitive edge you need to succeed!

Uniqueness Breeds Success

The best way to ‘stand out’ is to be unique! Just about everybody has personal ‘quirks’ or ‘idiosyncrasies’ that can be used to their advantage! It seems counterproductive sometimes to take the effort to hide what makes you special instead of simply flaunting it! Many successful entrepreneurs quite often gain their successes by simply being different which of course often draws the attention of others thereby giving you a competitive edge! Being like everybody else only causes you to work harder since you have nothing new or unique to offer and you then are therefore like everybody else!

Mimicking Limits Creativity

There is much to be said for ‘thinking outside the box’ but your ability or tendency to do so is discouraged by playing follow the leader! Don’t follow but rather BE the leader if you feel bold enough to do so! To build a profitable business you must have something to offer that your competition can’t match in terms of a product or even the way you market your business! When thinking in terms of HOW to be different instead of simply copying what is already being used you stand a much greater chance of success! Most successful entrepreneurs leverage their own creativity and thus dare to be different which is how they succeed!

Competition Is Minimized

Trying to emulate what everybody else is doing simply throws you into a much larger and more competitive and crowded field! There is a saying I heard many years ago that goes like this, ‘watch the crowd and go in the opposite direction’ which basically means be proactive in avoiding competition! Your success at anything starts with gaining a competitive edge and it only stands to reason that the best way to do this is to simply enter a less competitive field or create one yourself! This is why it’s much easier to build a profitable business in small niche markets which are typically not very crowded!

Although it makes much sense to follow in the path of internet marketers who have had success before you it will also result in more competition! Believe me that you’re not the only one trying to build a profitable business by simply copying the efforts of others! The most successful entrepreneurs are those who emphasize their differences since half the battle in marketing is gaining the attention of others! The 3 examples above hopefully explain the benefits of avoiding the ‘cookie cutter’ approach to building a profitable business but rather call upon your uniqueness to gain a competitive edge! Once you’ve gained the attention of others wondrous things can happen as most successful entrepreneurs will likely tell you!

by: TJ Philpott
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