Did you know that 3.8 billion people in the world use the Internet daily? That’s a huge part of the global population, one of which is dominated by younger generations like Millennials and Gen Zs or the primary drivers of activity in social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

No wonder these generations have become such a buzzword in advertising and marketing industries, as this phenomenon is one of the reasons for the shift from traditional marketing to online marketing, which has changed the way how we as consumers, think of our favorite brands.

Online marketing is an umbrella term encompassing a multitude of strategies that modern brands use to connect with their target audience and create engaging content. Compared to traditional ways of marketing a product, online marketing tactics tend to be cheaper yet bring better results, which is why it has become an essential part of many companies who are targeting millennials.

This infographic presents the nine disciplines of online marketing, as well as a little background on its importance in today’s world. As more and more brands adopt online marketing strategies in their marketing, learning one or two of these tactics can boost your chance at beating the competition. Infographic by APEX Global

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