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Endo or end of contract has been a popular topic in the Philippines for the past years. For a minimum wage earner, endo brings hopelessness and frustration since they do not have the security of tenure and do not have the chance to meet their financial goals because of the little amount they are earning.

Luckily enough, in spite of the lack of security of tenure, one can still have the chance to grow your career and reach financial stability by doing few effective strategies. For young professionals like you, you can start investing as early as now.

Several ways on how to start investing as early as today are available, however, we compiled few of the essential and easy ones to guide you accordingly. Here are some of the possible investments you should start while you are still in your 20’s.


Build an Emergency Fund

Building your emergency fund is an essential part of your career life. Emergency fund refers to the account set aside to use in sudden financial problems, such as the loss of a job and illness.

According to the financial experts, emergency fund should cover at least three to six months of your living expenses. For example, your monthly expenses can reached up to P25,000, then, your emergency fund should have P75,000. However, in some cases, three months may not be enough to back-up your financial shortcomings. With this, you may want to increase your emergency fund to at least six months’ worth of your monthly expenses to make sure that you can really sustain your needs when sudden problem occur.

Having an emergency fund is like having a peace of mind. You are sure that you can handle financial problems by at least having a fund to use when this emergency happens.

emergency fund

Start 401 (K)

401 K refers to the retirement savings plan that is sponsored by your employer. This plan enables employer to save and invest at the same time. This works by taking out a little amount directly from their paycheck before the taxes are taken out. Talk to your HR department to know more about the process they have in 40I (K).

start 401 (K)

Seek the Help of a Financial Professional

Finding a financial adviser will really help you managing your financial life. They can give you advice and help you in making financial decisions. They can also guide all the way through your financial journey. Start finding your financial adviser now to fully guide you on all the financial plans you are about to make.


Invest Yourself

More than the money, it is essential that you should invest in yourself, too. In your 20’s is the best time to explore and learn new exciting things. Read books as many as you can. Attend seminars and workshops that will help you become a better professional. You may also choose to study short courses that will hone your skills and talents. Widen your network. Find a mentor. These things will surely help you in your career development and grow your full potential, hence, helping you achieve financial stability.

Young professionals like you should start building wealth now since you have the best and enough time to do it. Start doing one or two of the strategies mentioned above to reach your financial goals.  

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