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Value Added Products from Ube (Purple Yam)

Purple yam or ube/ubi in Filipino is used as an ingredient in many sweet desserts. It can also be made into ube flakes, ube jam, ube powder and ube pastillas to be sold for an added income. Ube Flakes Ingredients: ube puree, 1 kg maltodextrin Utensils: drum drier, spatula/rubber scraper, plastic bags, stainless steel bowls/trays, [&hellip

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Ubi (Purple Yam) Production Guide

UBI (Dioscorea alata L.) or water yam is a vine which produces both aerial tubers called bulbils and underground tubers or roots. The bulbils, weighing a few grams to over a kilogram, come out of the leaf axiles three (3) months after planting. On the other hand, the underground tuber, weighing from one (1) kilogram [&hellip

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