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Indigenous Feed Resources for Livestock

The rapid development in recent years of Asia’s livestock industry has been matched by the huge increase in the importation of livestock feed. Feed costs are not only a burden on the national budget of nearly every Asian country, they are also a burden on the budget of livestock farms, where they are often 60%

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Livestock Feed Rations

In preparing feed rations, a volunteer should consider: the nutrient requirements of the species, the breed of the animal, the feeding and management practices of the farmer, the cost of available feeds, the nutrient values of all available feeds, and the probable feed to gain ratio for the animal with the ration. These considerations are [&hellip

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Livestock Philippines 2013

Livestock Philippines 2013 is a premium event which would be taking place in Manila, Philippines. It would be occurring for 3 days. Livestock Philippines 2013 is the biggest event in Philippines which would showcasing all the latest technology, equipment and machineries related to the field of animal husbandry and meat industry. This is a particular [&hellip

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