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Ginger Production Guide

Ginger Production Guide for Beginner Ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) is popular tor its distinct sharp and hot flavor due to an oily substance called gingerol. It is known as ‘luya’ in Tagalog, ‘shoga’ (Japanese), ‘chiang’ (Chinese), ‘jingibre’ (Spanish), ‘gingembre’ (French), and ‘zanjabil’ (Arabic). It has an aerial part of about 0.8 m high, which could [&hellip

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Turmeric: Bringing more color to healthier living

Commonly known in the country as luyang dilaw (yellow ginger), turmeric (Curcuma spp.) is more than just a food coloring ingredient. Widely popular in India as a spice for making curry, turmeric is gradually making its name as a natural healer around the world. In a globalizing society where diseases are borderless and breakthrough medicine [&hellip

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Instant Salabat made easier and tastier

Every Pinoy has probably heard and tasted Salabat. This herbal drink, known to remedy sore throat and stomache ache, is basically a hot ginger tea with a tangy flavor and can be drank by itself or with a pinch of sugar or a freshly squeeze of calamansi. Traditionally, this tea goes through a rigourous preparation [&hellip

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