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How to Make Gelatin from Seaweeds

How to Make Gelatin from Seaweeds Seaweeds must be harvested from the sea very early in the morning or while the tide is still low. Procedure: 1. Wash the seaweeds very well, drain and dry (Spread over a wire or bamboo screen for the purpose) for a week. 2. To remove the fishy odor and [&hellip

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How to Make Gulaman Bars

Gulaman is a plant-derived carbohydrate, made from seaweed. Gulaman are bars of dried seaweed used to make jellies or flan, as well as the desserts made from it. Here are the steps on how to make gulaman from seaweeds (Eucheuma cottonii). Steps Involved in Gulaman Making 1. Select freshly harvested seaweeds gathered early in the [&hellip

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