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Halal certification to expand Muslim market for Philippine Dona Maria rice in Persian Gulf-GCC countries

A newly-granted Halal certification to Philippine brand Dona Maria rice opens up market potential in Gulf countries Jordan and Kuwait. The premium rice varieties just received a Halal certification from the Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines Inc (IDCP).  The IDCP certification made the Dona Maria rice the first and so far the only Halal [&hellip

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Phils to hit 400 MT of fancy rice export by end-2013 as it sent off 100 MT Dona Maria rice to Dubai last October 24

The Philippines is hitting 400 metric tons (MT) of fancy rice export by the end of 2013 as it just sent off 100 MT of the Dona Maria hybrid rice to Dubai, aiding Philippines to exceed export target by 300 percent. The export to Dubai, to be distributed via a big international retail chain, is [&hellip

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PUP recognizes technology’s role in food security, confers Doctor of Science honorary degree to hybrid rice pioneer Henry Lim Bon Liong

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) is recognizing the pivotal role technology takes in the country’s food security as it recognizes SL Agritech Corp.’s (SLAC) Henry Lim Bon Liong for the risks he took in pioneering the hybrid rice sector. PUP is conferring on Lim a Doctor of Science honorary degree at PUP’s Commencement [&hellip

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SL Agritech made fresh export of 500 tons of seeds to Vietnam to help Filipino farmers even amid price-destablizing rice smuggling cases

Seed producer SL Agritech Corp. (SLAC) made fresh export of 500 metric tons (MT) of hybrid rice seeds to Vietnam in the last quarter of 2013 that’s giving livelihood to Filipino farmers even amid price-destabilizing rice smuggling cases. The seed export is helping sustain the livelihood of Filipino farmers carrying out seed production at SLAC’s [&hellip

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Dona Maria Rice Sold Out in China

In a country that produces around 200 million metric tons (MT) of rice per year, Philippines’ own Dona Maria Premium Jasponica and Miponica Rice were fully sold out there at an exhibition in Nanning, China. The Dona Maria Rice sold off its entire stock of 1,000 kilos in a record time of only four hours. [&hellip

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