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Increased milk production, dairy products mark the TechnoMart Field Day for Carabao-based Enterprise in Rosario

Rosario, Batangas – The TechnoMart Field day for Carabao-based Enterprise in Rosario, Batangas held recently, highlighted the accomplishments of the Rosario Dairy Raisers Association (RODRA). RODRA’s success centers on its 653% increase in net income from 2012 to 2014 and increase in membership at 22 farmers in a year. The TechnoMart Field Day for the [&hellip

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Percs Consumer Congress and Trade Expo (26-OCT-12 to 28-OCT-12)

Percs Consumer Congress and Trade Expo is a three day consumer exposition that is scheduled to take place in the city of Pasay in the Philippines. The event has been designed in order to thank and pay tributes to the Filipino customers who have been instrumental in the success of the markets in the country. [&hellip

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