Social networking sites are beneficial for enabling internet users keep updated with what else their family and friends are doing, still they can furthermore be used for much better functions. Friendshippr is an application that keeps monitor of contacts’ vacation plans to let people to ‘crowdship’ items or products thru them.

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Photo by Frau Hölle

Readily available for both devices, iOS and Android, the application initially allows individuals to input the goods they wish to deliver — or rather utilize the app’s barcode scanning functionalities to locate it. Users then simply choose the pick up and drop off points for the shipment as well as find the best offer or treat, such as dinner on them. Upon sharing their post, any Facebook contacts using Friendshippr app can view the request and reply to it, getting their payment if they can bring the package. The clip below talks about a bit more about the program:

Quite a bit like — which enables people enlist touring neighbors to deliver back items from overseas — Friendshippr utilizes current travel plans to serve as shipping channels, reducing the carbon discharges associated in transferring items individually. Are there more tips and strategies to take advantage of people’s present activity for additional purposes?

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