Chickens maybe infested with roundworms which are indicated by slow growing process. Even the layers can also be infested by roundworms. It was found by researchers that papaya sap can be given as a drink but it was difficult for poultry raisers to give each chicken when there are so many.

Herbal Plants for Chicken Worms 1

Researchers from UPLB tried using finely chopped papaya leaves combined with the feeds for 3 days. Results showed that the worm infestation were controlled and destroyed. Also, powdered tobacco leaves which were dried under the sun may also be used.

Powdered tobacco leaves (2 parts) mixed with 12 parts feed mash and sodium sulfate is a salt solution for discharging chicken roundworms when given for 3 days.

Technology (PCARRD) Vol. IX, No. 3, 1987