Traveling on business can seem exciting when you do it for the first time, however, when you need to do continually and frequently, it can quickly become a bother, result in stress, and start affecting your performance. Eric J Dalius, a well-known entrepreneur who has traveled extensively to countries across the world has the following tips that can help businesspersons to take their frequent travels better in their stride and remain productive and relaxed despite a killing schedule:

Pack Light to Avoid Airport Delays

There is an art to packing that frequent flyers simply have to master if they want to make their lives convenient. Try to have just one suitcase that you can carry on-board as cabin baggage and not have to face the typical delays and hassles of retrieving checked-in baggage. Use a good-quality, robust but light case that you can carry comfortably. Make a checklist of all the things you need to carry making sure that you include only the essentials. For better organization, use packing cells. Use your laptop bag to carry your office stationery.

Mind Your Paperwork

Keep track of your passport expiry date because you need a clear six months till expiry for you to travel freely to international destinations. Check if you need to apply for a visa without which, you may not be able to enter the country you are visiting. Immigration authorities are becoming increasingly strict by the day so you should check for all the applicable rules and regulations, you need to comply with, warns Eric Dalius.

Getting Insurance Cover Is a Must, Says EJ Dalius

When you consider the benefits, including its tax-deductibility and relatively low cost, it is well worth your while to buy an annual policy instead of separate ones for each trip. Subscribing to a premium travel credit card also brings in a host of benefits that will add convenience and peace of mind. For example, apart from getting exclusive access to premium, you get insurance for delayed or lost baggage, canceled or interrupted trips, as well as complimentary subscriptions to TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, etc. that make going through security checks and immigration queues a breeze.

Set Up Your Body Clock

Traveling across different time zones can upset the body clock and keep you wide awake when the rest of the world is sleeping and feeling sleepy during important meetings. If you are going to a destination in a vastly different time zone, you should try to get to sleep during the nighttime of that place a day before your travel. If the flight is long-haul, you can try resetting your body clock during the flight itself by getting lots of sleep, eating light, and avoiding alcohol. Take a hard look at the benefits of traveling Business Class if you have a really important meeting to attend.


For the frequent business traveler, flying out is never fun but since it has to be done, it is worthwhile trying to make it as easy on you as possible. Remember to perform light workouts, keep yourself hydrated, and in good humor for a productive and stress-free trip.