A few sectors in the marketing industry seem to believe that Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing has become outdated and irrelevant. However, this digital marketing tool has begun to evolve. New strategies have come into play, like using voices, images, and videos into a different style of marketing. Let’s check out the latest trends in the SEO industry and see how we can use them for your company.

One of the trends that we have seen nowadays is the mad scramble for position zero. We used to believe that Position No. 1 was every business’s goal when it comes to Google’s search engine. However, the rise of Voice Search Engine Optimization has enabled Position 0 to become more sought after. With the improvement of Artificial intelligence, voice search has definitely risen to prominence. In this age, people can get relevant and appropriate information using audio content. It is even expected that 30% of this year’s searches will be done through this method.

This year, visual search will be used much more extensively. According to research, 62% of millennials prefer visual search over other search technologies. Therefore, searching online by uploading an image will be used more often in the upcoming months. Video search is also gaining popularity. Using videos has always been part of a good digital marketing strategy and now video marketing variations like Video SEO and Live Video provide you a few more ways you can become relevant in search engine results. Lastly, content marketing is still the king of SEO. It is true that new and innovative forms of content have begun to surface, but nothing beats well-written and highly relevant content. It is still a perfect way to get your customers’ attention.

You can help your company and study these trends more by reading this infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines.

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