Jakarta, September 2019– ARTOTEL Group is proud to receive an award The Best Cause Promotion Program for ARTOTEL FOR HOPE from “Indonesia Best Corporate Sustainability Initiative Award 2019” which is organized by Mix MarComm Magazine recently.

ARTOTEL For Hope is an annual social initiative from ARTOTEL Group which was started in 2016, where the ARTOTEL Group wants to create public awareness, especially for the hotel guests, about social issues through art activities by inviting Indonesia contemporary artist to display their artwork and raise funds. ARTOTEL For Hope was held for the first time in 2016 by focusing on children with special needs, especially children with dyslexia symptomps. In 2017 ARTOTEL For Hope embrace a bigger community with the theme “Mental Health.” In the two first years ARTOTEL For Hope wanted to convey a social message that through art activities we can give a chance for disadvantage people to work and display their creativity in public spaces. In 2018, ARTOTEL For Hope started to raise a different social issues, related to the environment issue such as greening the forests in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy Indonesia.

ARTOTEL Group Head of Departemets

Having worked together with more than 20 young Indonesian artists, since 2016 ARTOTEL For Hope has produced more than 200 art works on display at all ARTOTEL properties, and fund raising from more than 20.000 ARTOTEL guests which was held about 1 month in December. For this achievement, now ARTOTEL For Hope has been crowned as “The Best Cause Promotion Program” from “Indonesia’s Best Corporate Sustainability Initiative Award 2019” which was organized by Mix MarComm Magazine. That achievement given directly by Mr. Kamal E. Gani as Group Chief Editor SWA to Mrs. Yulia Maria as Assistant Director Marcomm ARTOTEL Group on September 19, 2019.

Eduard Rudolf Pangkerego, COO ARTOTEL Group adds, “We are very grateful for the achievement that we received. Starting with the idea to do some social responsibility program in a creative way, we have packed ARTOTEL For Hope in such a way as to raise social issues through the contemporary art that inline with the hallmark of the ARTOTEL Group. In addition, we engaged hotel guests to play an active role in this program through fundraising. It turned out that ARTOTEL For Hope was well received by the community. Therefore, MixMarcomm Magazine from SWA Group Company chosed ARTOTEL For Hope as one of the best promotional programs for social responsibility activities. We also cannot forget to thank all parties who have supported ARTOTEL For Hope, the artists involved, the collaborative partners from the community, social foundations, and NGOs, as well as hotel guests who are always enthusiastic about being involved on every ARTOTEL For Hope that taking place in December. Furthermore, we will always make the ARTOTEL For Hope program into a sustainable social program from the ARTOTEL Group, even though starting in 2019 the ARTOTEL For Hope program will be concentrated as a social program in the environmental concern, and we will change its name into ARTOTEL For Earth. ”

ARTOTEL For Earth will be held on December 2019 and will do the collaboration with WWF Indonesia with the theme “Reducing and Recycling Plastic Waste”