What is Corn?

Corn is one of the most important cereals grown from the time of Spaniards colonized the Philippines. The Ilocos region, specifically in Ilocos Norte, White, Yellow or Hybrid Corn is suited in the region’s climatic and topographical conditions. The crop is grown year round depending on the soil characteristic and water sources. The availability of hybrid, high-yielding varieties and appropriate technologies, crop adaptability, farmers acceptability and the versatility of its usefulness as food, feed, decor, fertilizer, among others make white corn an additional source of income for the Ilocano farmers.

Why Organic-Based Corn?

Corn is a nutrient depleting plant. If planted repeatedly at the same area, there is a possibility that the soil will become unproductive especially if it is overused with chemicals and inorganic fertilizers. The application of organic fertilizers and integrated pest management are proven to be effective means of improving the quality of the soil aside from giving off a healthy and safe environment for the people and all creatures.

What is the variety used?

KLASIKA (East-West Seed Company Hybrid)

What are its agronomic characteristics ?

?Height – 110 cm at maturity
?Corn Ear – 1 per plant
?Ear Length – 12-22 cm
Fresh weight – 4.15 tons/ha
Dry weight – 3.35 tons/ha

How do we grow the crop?

1. Date of planting – immediately after rice harvest or when soil condition permits.
2. Land Preparation and Planting – Zero Tillage. Using a pointed stick, dibble
2 seeds per hill at a distance of 85 cm between hills and 30 cm between plants.
3. Weed Control – Spray post emergence herbicide at 8-12 days after planting.
4. Irrigation – 10-14 DAP irrigate by fl ooding the area. Succeeding two irrigation should be at 9-12 days interval and the next two irrigations should be at 12-15 days interval.
5. Pest Monitoring – monitor the presence of insect pest from 21 to 65 days after planting.
6. Fertilizer Application – Broadcast 15 bags chicken Manure per 1000 sq m in 1st week of May. Hill drop 00-60 at the rate of 2.5 bags per hectare at 28-32 days after planting.
7. Harvesting and Post Harvest – Harvest at 90 days after planting. Sundry for at least 15 days with husk or 3 days without husk then shell. Sundry for another day then pack.

How profitable is the venture?

White corn can be sold either as green or dried.

Green – Usually bought by middle man at 2.00 pesos per ear at 60-65 days after planting.

Dried – bought as raw material for the cornick industry at 15.00 per kilogram. The farmer earns a cross income
of P39,800.00 per hectare.

For more information contact:
Municipal Agriculture Offi ce, Batac, 2906 Ilocos Norte
Tel. No. 792-2071

Ilocos Agriculture Resources Research and Development Consortium,
MMSU, Batac, Ilocos Norte