There has been a green movement around the world, may it be America, Europe or even in the Philippines. Solar Panel Installations, wind turbines, and basic promotions are being done as an act to promote green energy. This movement has been expanding throughout the years, to the point that this green energy initiative can also be applied in your very own home. Not only are these ways good for the environment but they’ll be doing your wallet a favor as well.


Walk or Bike


One great example of green energy is your own two feet. It doesn’t emit harmful gases and consume gasoline. This doesn’t mean you have to walk everywhere, this just means you can save money by making certain decisions daily. If you are going to run errands, instead of taking the car or bus maybe you can ride your bike to the store. Or instead of using the elevator you can use the stairs. It gives you good exercise, saves you from gas, fares and parking fees.

Solar Panels


Solar panels are not strictly for industrial use anymore, there are various options for panels that can easily be installed for your home. There are those that can be installed on the roof over your head, and smaller variations that can be installed on your garden. The larger panels that can be put on the roof can be connected straight to your electricity to be able to provide your home with clean energy. The smaller ones don’t have as much power, but they can still lighten the costs to your electricity bills, by powering small areas such as the garden.

Switch Light Bulbs


Take this chance to check on your light bulbs around the house, see what type of light bulbs they are. If they are not LED bulbs, then it’s time to run to the store and buy energy star qualified bulbs. These bulbs will cost you roughly the same but is more energy efficient. They will also last longer so that will save you money from replacement bulbs alone.



There are some residential villages that have incorporated wind turbines throughout the village to power certain lighting systems. This will cut costs on electricity but this is not the only way wind energy can be taken advantage of. By simply turning off your electric fans and air conditioners you can save a lot from your electricity bills. Just open the window and let the fresh air cool you down.

Be Water Smart


There are many ways to reuse water, you can start with rain water. Using rain water barrels, you can collect a lot of water and use this for either cleaning or gardening, rather than using the tap. You’ll definitely see your water bill go down when you substitute rain water for your chores. Try to use less hot water as well, heating water uses up energy, so only use warm water when you absolutely need to.

Everyday mankind makes strides in the realm of technology and part of that is about being more efficient with energy. It is a known fact that the fuel we’re relying on today will soon run out and now is the time for you to make a stand and do your part to go green and even save some money in the process. 


About the author:

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