Studies show that 60% of sales are closed after the fifth attempt.  So, the important question is how many closing techniques do your salespeople know and use? Do they know at least 5 techniques?  If they cannot name even 5 techniques, how could you expect them to close more sales? Equip your people for a BIG sales production for the First Quarter of 2016.   It is an IMPERATIVE for them to learn and internalize the 39 Special Closing Techniques that the top producers use for them to produce more.  Your COMPANY will only EARN MORE if your sales people will CLOSE MORE SALES.   Let them attend this high-impact workshop.
39 ways to close sales
Course Outline
Understanding the Psychology of Closing
  • Hit the ground running by avoiding the common misconceptions about closing and clearly understanding what it really is.
  • Why are many salespeople afraid to attempt to close and why are a lot of prospects reluctant to make a positive decision immediately?  If you know the psychology behind this, it will become easier for you to close the sale.
5 Common Closing Blunders
  • Often, a sale is not closed because of the bloopers made by the sales person, not because the prospect is not interested.  Mistakes made at crunch timeare pivotal and could become a big stumbling block. Interestingly enough, these gaffes appear innocent and harmless that salespeople freely use them, and consequently, injure their chance of success.
  • One of these goofs is “Not Greasing the Wheel”.   How does one lubricate the machine?  If your people will discover the right way to employ this tactic, it will be easy for them to seal the deal.
  • Trying to close the sale at the wrong time is another boner. How often have you seen sales presentation where the sales person “almost” closed the sale but not quite?  He has conducted a good presentation, but his timing for closing is off.
  • Not attempting to close a sale is bad, but cementing the transaction in the wrong manner is not good either.  Most average salespeople make these blunders that cause them to lose the sale.  Make sure your salespeople are not committing any of these pitfalls.  We will teach your people the different mistakes amateur salespeople make so that they can avoid them, and more importantly, get the competitive edge and close more sales!
6 Proven Tactics to Handle Objections
  • There are a truckload of objections that the prospects may dish out during the presentation  —  your product or service does not seem to meet their expectation on the size, color, delivery, features, specs, etc.  Or they may simply have been accustomed to deal with another supplier and reluctant to tap your outfit.
  • How do your salespeople handle them?  A good explanation is nice, but often, your people need to use more than a good explanation.  This is where a good set of techniques become handy dandy.
  • Showing that you understand their feelings is good.  How do you say it well?  You will perform at peak levels in dealing with common objections when you internalize some of the tried and tested techniques in addressing customer negative concerns.
  • Have you ever seen a situation where the prospective client dishes out an objection and the salesperson, after answering it with all vim, vigor and vitality, will be given another objection by the prospect, and the vicious circle happens?  That’s because there is a hidden objection which the salesperson has not uncovered.  Learn the sales tactic that will smoke out the real objection and enable you to remove the roadblock to your success.
  • PLUS learn other surefire techniques to neutralize the objections
11 Creative Ways to Handle Price Objections
  • Price objection is the bone in the throat of a lot of salespeople. It is inevitable, however, that the prospective client will show price resistance.  It is already a given!
  • How good are your salespeople in handling price issues? When the prospect says, “Your price is too high,” how do your salespeople respond?  Are your prospective clients better in presenting their case (that the price is so high) than your people in justifying the investment (that the price is fair and reasonable)?  If your people are using a “knife” while your prospective customers are using an “M16”, your people will fail to close the sale.
  • “Do you see what I see?” There is a technique to make the prospect see things from your standpoint without appearing argumentative. When your salespeople learn this powerful technique, handling price objections will be a breeze.
  • Nido Quobein said, “In the absence of value differential, everything is reduced to price.”  How true!  That is why it is of immense importance that the buyer will see the value of what the seller offers.  But this is easier said than done. There is a potent technique that will make the prospect immediatelyappreciate the value of what you offer. This secret will be unearthed in this landmark seminar.
  • Have you ever been in a situation where you have bought something from a vendor although inside you, you find the price too high?  What made you decide to go ahead in spite of your price resistance?  What magic words did the seller say? You don’t want to miss this special technique.
  • Let your people learn a wealth of other techniques to effortlessly handle price objections!
4 Street-Smart Methods to Handle  Procrastination
  • When the prospect says he likes your product and he will think about it, there is a strong likelihood that he is just being polite but the truth is he is undecided, he is not fully convinced or he has decided not buy from you.
  • An ounce of procrastination hurts the sales process more than a pound of objections.  That is why your salespeople must learn the streetwise techniques of handling stalling without appearing aggressive or pushy.
  • Why do prospects procrastinate?  You are a buyer, too, why do you procrastinate?  Understanding the psychology behind it will give you and your people a unique advantage in dealing with it.
  • Utilizing some techniques that will give a sense of urgency will fast-track the decision-making process in the minds of the prospective clients.   Let your people learn these special techniques and they bring home more signed checks!
7 Powerful Closing Techniques
  • Even the best sales presentation, the nicest rapport building approach and the smartest way of handling objections will come to naught if the salesperson fails to close the sale.  It is the bottom line of the bottom line.   The stark reality, however, is that it is in the endgame of selling where most sales professionals fumble.
  • Studies show that about 60% of all sales are closed after the fifth closing attempt.   This brings to the fore an important question.  How many closing techniques do your salespeople know and use?  Their answer to this question could be the major determinant of their sales success. The challenge is, could they name at least five closing techniques?
  • The “Agent of Limited Authority” technique has been used by many but accomplished very little.  Yet, the same technique, used with some modifications worked  dramatically better for others. In fact, this is where they have closed big-ticket items.  What is the difference?
  • If there is a way for a prospective buyer to “close himself”, you will definitely utilize it to the hilt, right?  Fortunately, there is such a technique.  Let your people use it and you see them easily get to the ultimate agreement.
Plus Other Killer and Field-Tested Closing Techniques 
We will also reveal unconventional but very effective endgame tactics,
some of which are not found in the books. And just for good measure, we will give you more closing techniques.


The Magic of Positive Thinking
How to Build Trust and Rapport
Conducting a High-Impact Presentation
How to Enhance Your Persuasiveness

Resource Speaker

Speaker: Mr. Rene A. Espinosa

  • He is the President of Powermax Consulting Group, Inc. and he is dubbed as an energetic, enlightening and entertaining motivational speaker and sales trainer.
  • He has been featured in sales conventions here and abroad, and has addressed Singaporeans, Japanese, Malaysians, Koreans, Indonesians, and other nationalities. Likewise, through public and in-house seminars
  • He has served the training needs of organizations and companies like DOLE Philippines, Ayala Plans, Empire East, Zuellig Pharma, Slimmers World, Sony Corporation, Microlab, Suzuki, Robinsons Land, Grolier, Canon, Rotary Int’l District 3780, Unilab, PAREB Rizal Chapter, Power System, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Teleperformance, Fil-Estate Realty Corp., Vitarich, LANDCO, World Vision, etc.

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