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How to Make Compost in Three Weeks

Compost is well known to be a good organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. It is a product derived from the decomposition of organic matter or agricultural wastes. In normal circumstances, it takes about four to five months to get compost from the composting process. However, a new technique of composting, which was developed in Korea, [&hellip

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P6 million Bicol upland rice organic farming capitalizes on rice drought tolerance, on Bicol’s having been a major upland rice producer

The Department of Agriculture (DA) is carrying out a P6 million upland rice organic farming in Bicol which capitalizes on native varieties’ drought tolerance. It also aims to boost Bicol’s contribution to national rice production as Bicol once accounted for a hefty 20 percent of Philippine rice output. Bicol’s upland rice is being developed for [&hellip

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How to Make Soil Conditioners for Urban Gardening

Don’t you know that you can grow vegetables and herbs even if you only have a small space? With the application of soil conditioner, you can grow healthy vegetables and herbs in small plots or in plastic containers and enjoy a bountiful harvest at a minimal cost. This is true to Nilo F. Estrella who [&hellip

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How to Make Tea Manure (Organic Fertilizer)

Tea Manure (TM) is the resulting tea after soaking partially dried sheep, cow or horse manure in water for one week. These contain all major nutrients in small quantities but are rich in trace elements and very useful for treating trace element deficiencies. Choosing the Materials for Tea Manure * Choose partially dried sheep, cow, [&hellip

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How to Make Fermented Fruit Juice or FFJ

Fermented Fruit Juice or FFJ is made from sweet ripe fruits, fruit vegetables and root crops. Thoroughly blended with crude sugar or molasses and stored for a short period of time, the fermented extract is applied to the plants to promote flowering and fruit setting. Choosing the materials for Fermented Fruit Juice You must choose [&hellip

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