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Hydroponics finds its way into backyards

You may be living in the middle of the metropolis with only a few square meters of space for a backyard or none at all, but this shouldn’t keep you from having your own vegetable “farm.” The technology that allows for this possibility is the Simple Nutrient Addition Program, or SNAP hydroponics. Soiless farming Hydroponics [&hellip

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Soil less gardening made possible with vermiculite

Soil less agriculture is now possible with hydroponics. Using only a mineral nutrient solution, water can now be a medium to grow crops. As the concept of “grow-your-own-food” has become viable in this time and age, the technology is appropriate particularly in an urban setting wherein the lack of space and soil is a problem. [&hellip

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Growing potato without soil

Soil plays a crucial part in farm production but it now becomes ineffectual with the advent of soil-less farming or simply hydroponics . This technique in farming has become so indispensable that it even adapts to modern-day setting allowing farmers to grow potato even with limited space and without considering the ‘in- and off- season’ [&hellip

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Soil less technologies: The way to the future

“The world will lead to hydroponics as the future of agriculture,” said Dr. Chito F. Sace, associate professor of the Central Luzon State University (CLSU) and resource speaker in seminar series organized by the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) on 15 March 2013. Dr. Sace presented the principles and benefits of hydroponics and aquaponics systems [&hellip

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