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Cordillera’s heirloom rice: A bright spot in the export market

Mina-angan, hungduan, ulikan, jekot, diket, and tinawon—they can be mistaken as names of people but they’re not. They are actually varieties of heirloom rice from the Cordillera region which are now making a niche in the export market and are heading their way in the United States through the efforts of the Department of Agriculture [&hellip

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Phils to hit 400 MT of fancy rice export by end-2013 as it sent off 100 MT Dona Maria rice to Dubai last October 24

The Philippines is hitting 400 metric tons (MT) of fancy rice export by the end of 2013 as it just sent off 100 MT of the Dona Maria hybrid rice to Dubai, aiding Philippines to exceed export target by 300 percent. The export to Dubai, to be distributed via a big international retail chain, is [&hellip

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