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Abaca integration to be implemented in typhoon damaged Leyte-Samar as Philippines gains global competitiveness through Rainforest Alliance certification

An abaca integration project is hoped to be replicated in typhoon-damaged Leyte-Samar as Philippine abaca enhances its global competitive edge from its Rainforest Alliance certification. A project that combines farming of abaca with other crops like coconut, “Abakayamanan” is envisioned to help farmers in typhoon-stricken provinces to bounce back through this technology. The Abaca integration [&hellip

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Local Researchers Develop High-yielding, Disease-free Abaca Hybrids

Pacol, a wild variety of banana and a close relative of saging na saba, was used to create a disease-free breed of abaca. In a project dubbed “Production of High Yielding and Virus-resistant Abaca Hybrids”, experts were able to do this by using molecular markers in a biotechnology process called genetic engineering. This collaborative project [&hellip

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Improved abaca varieties towards better production

Abaca: Weaving more opportunities into farmers’ lives. Abaca, known worldwide as Manila Hemp, is an economically important crop indigenous to the Philippines. It is the lifeblood of more than 200,000 farming families from 56 abaca growing provinces in the country. Abaca is also a top export commodity of the country with an average of US$80 [&hellip

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Leyte farmers benefit from abaca multi-stranded yarning machine

Abaca fiber is one of the most high-valued commodities and products are grown in the Philippines due to its high demand both in local and foreign markets. The Philippines the world’s top and largest producer of abaca fiber and by-products. It is the strongest among the existing natural fibers and is primarily used as a [&hellip

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