Hope is the last thing an entrepreneur think of giving up. Money come and goes but the most important value which sticks to a businessman is his hope to gain profit. However, here’s the list of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Check this out and find out later if you have these guts to build a business empire or would realized that you are not really a businessman at all.

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1. Are you a risk-taker? They examine all options and make prudent decisions, preferring moderate risks to high risks with out being wise. Successful entrepreneurs take risks with strong sense of self confidence.

2. Are you a situation controller? If he fails, he does not look at it as a failure, but a lesson to learn and remember. Business columnist Enrique Gonzales once pointed out for entrepreneurs, do not despair and remain calm and focused to maintain clarity when times get tough.

3. Are you a goal setter? He is focus towards a goal that he has set. His goal is his source of inspiration and upon reaching it, he looks for new ones as a meant of self renewal.

4. Are you an over-achiever? He always raises the value of his product or service, putting in 12-16 hours does seven days a week.

5. Are you humble and resourceful? If you are not ashamed of what you are doing even if it means dirtying your hands, your humility enables you to build business from limited resources and opportunities.

6. Are you joyful? If he finds joy in what he does, giving emphasis to customer oriented and not self-centered. According to Aldo Bensadoun, head of the shoe business shoe empire Aldo Group International, his joy is the people, whether it’s the customers, or the company’s own employees.

7. Are you innovative? He finds new ways of doing things, always on the look out for opportunities in the least likely places and is brimming with new ideas. Since Aldo aims to constantly bring new and relevant styles into the market, the brand works closely with local brand managers to ascertain local demands. “When putting together each season’s collection, we evaluate each style and determine whether it’s going to be a winner or a “dog.”

Managing business is a bit mind-boggling and the keen attention to operations takes most of the time and erased joy in businessman’s heart. But if you love people and work hard and the rest is to enjoy the world, you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.