Are you planning to invest in a profitable business venture? Why not goat raising? It only requires low initial capital and guarantees you a high return on investment even at the first year of operation for an economic-sized herd of not less than 25 does. Aside from that, different products from the different goat-based enterprises can also bring you profits!

What products do I get from goats?

The following table briefly discusses the possible enterprises one can focus on, the required investment, the final product and estimated income, and the potential market for the products.


Business Investments Products Market

Production of breeders either as:

  • Slaughter goats; or
  • Dairy goats

Pure Anglo Nubian, Toggenburg or Boer buck
(P 7,500-P12,500)

Pure or upgraded breeders for sale (P 3000-12500/hd)

Private multiplier farms and government institutions

Production of slaughter goats


Upgraded Nubian, Toggenburg or Boer buck
(P 15,000-35,000/hd)

Live animal for sale
(P 120-180/kilo or a minimum of 2,400 to 4,500/hd per day)

Private assemblers/ traders, kambingan restaurants, meat shops

Muslim buyers for special/ holy occasions

Production of chevon-based products

1 pure Boer buck for every 25 females


100 does for every 1 slaughter goat for sale per day; 200 does for 2 goats/day sale; and 300 does for 3 goats/day sale

Meat cuts for the wet market

Vacuum packed choice cuts for specific recipes

Processed meat like tapa, tocino or satey kambing, canned products )

Meat vendors in the wet market

Kambingan restaurants, hotels Supermarkets

Buck-for-hire or buck for AI processing

Pure or upgraded bucks (P7,500-35,000)

Breeder buck and equipment for AI collection (P47,000.00) operating expenses

Buck service (P50-P150/service)

Semen for AI processing

AI service (P350/insemination, ave.of 312 inseminations/month or a net monthly additional income of P26,296.67)

Goat raisers in the village

LGU AI program

Production of dairy-based goat products

Pure or upgraded goats of the Anglo Nubian (AN) or Saanen breed

Tools and equipment for pasteurization of milk

Goat milk (0.7-2kg in 215-250 days of milking); Yogurt, cheese

Soap, lotion

Halal certified dairy products

Dairy farms

Cosmetic manufacturing companies

Muslim and Arab countries

What other benefits can I derive from goats?

1. Aside from the products mentioned above, selling of forage and humus (a mixture of goat manure and feed left-overs) can be another source of income. Since establishment of forage is required when venturing into goat business, forage grasses and legumes can be sold as well to provide additional income.
2. Goat manure can also be used as fertilizer to crops.
3. Since goat can be integrated in various types of farming, like rice farming, they can decrease weeds in rice paddies and fertilize the soil through its manure, thus, helping increase farmer’s yield and income.