In the last decade the internet has been flooded with digital stores, however, according to statistics, at least 80% of these online businesses do not usually last more than three years, the reason? There can be many factors that would affect an eCommerce, but without a doubt, poor logistics is the main reason why this type of company usually ends in failure.

Although developing a good strategy for a digital store is not easy, with business logistics services provider helps it much easy now and it will undoubtedly boost any online project. That is why, if you are starting your digital business, you must know what are the reasons why good logistics will guarantee your online venture a resounding success, so in this post we have compiled them for you.

1. Guarantee Quality

There are three basic types of products: heavy, fragile and perishable, so depending on the product you are looking to sell you need to develop different strategies to do so. Poor logistics can lead to serious problems when it comes to correctly delivering the goods. But how can we guarantee that our goods are sent and received satisfactorily? Well, it all depends, of course, on good eCommerce logistics. And is that transportation is an essential part of any online business, depending on the product, it is worth investing in it, in order to offer the best quality to your customers.

2. Fast and Safe Deliveries

When all aspects of an online store’s orders are properly measured and delimited, customers and potential buyers can be guaranteed the best quality of service. Prompt and secure delivery is often one of the best ways to attract repeat customers.

How to get shipping and delivery of orders faster? That’s right, with good logistics. If we have developed a strategy that allows us to ship orders in a way that works for us and we manage to shorten delivery times as much as possible, the customer will be satisfied, possibly making them trust our brand again at other times.

3. Attract More Customers

Something that eCommerce has achieved, thanks to the environment where it operates, is to consolidate itself with a young audience, since from the web it has a better reach to the new masses. But, conquering this objective is not easy and this is where logistics comes in, since depending on the good development of this and the ease with which the client receives their order, they will be more satisfied, which translates into a favorable opinion. , which in the networks is an advantage for any digital store.

Good reviews guarantee any product the trust of potential new buyers, which increases followers in the different RRSS and visitor traffic on the product’s website (remember that every company, regardless of its sector or business, must have a web portal).

4. Make a Difference

Although in Spain buyers are guaranteed by law a period of 14 days for withdrawal or returns, if you increase this period and give greater guarantees to your buyers, for example by assuming part or all of the return cost, you will make a difference and obtain greater possibilities. In addition, the percentage of returns in e-commerce is usually very low, so it is very difficult to jeopardize the business. However, you should know that it is not easy to make returns (that is why it is not so common to find them), since it requires a very well-done reverse logistics strategy.

However, providing buyers with a logistics alternative that allows them to return the merchandise gives the brand a vote of confidence. In addition, it is revealed that about 60% of people who visit an online store review the return policies before going further and making a purchase. In conclusion, it would be worth investing in a company that provides your e-Commerce with a merchandise return service in some specific cases.

5. Keeping Order

There are two types of logistics, internal and external. Good logistics not only guarantees fast and efficient delivery of products to customers, but is also a guarantee of order within the online business. When all aspects of logistics are taken care of, every part of the purchase becomes easier, resulting in a much lighter and more organized work environment. Having the help of professionals in the field of e-logistics will allow small businesses that are starting in the world of digital commerce to adapt to a completely new environment and thus compete with large brands already positioned.

6. A Step into the Future

Good logistics in eCommerce guarantees an excellent seller-client relationship, however, it is always interesting to go one step beyond the competition. For any online store it is highly recommended to entrust the logistics area to a professional company, especially when it comes to a business that is starting, but there are some things that must be taken into account.

What does this mean for e-Commerce? The answer is simple, immediate and organized deliveries will provide an excellent buyer experience, resulting in an increase in good reviews, which are undoubtedly one of the great pillars of Digital Marketing, since it guarantees potential customers that they are buying from a reliable store.

E-Commerce is taking more and more strength within the European economic sector, having grown by no less than 19% last year 2017 and this is not a surprise since, according to the Global Ecommerce Association, 58% of users of internet in Europe tend to buy from online stores. In addition, the European continent is the one with the highest internet penetration rates in the world, so it is not surprising that online businesses are reaching so many people.

Digital businesses today represent a large percentage of SMEs in Europe and their success depends on good logistics that offer buyers an experience that surpasses traditional stores, thus gaining more and more space in the market.