All businesses should consider establishing an online presence, especially in today’s highly digital world, as you can open opportunities and new markets with the right digital channel.

If you want to establish your business online, you should know which channel will help you reach your goals. There are many choices to pick from, and each one has features or tools that can benefit you.

This infographic will guide you in choosing the best digital channel for your business. There is a lot to learn about the different kinds of channels such as email marketing, display ads, mobile in-app advertising, social media, SMS, and SEO.

Through this infographic, you’ll also learn how to set business objectives such as brand awareness, lead generation, and direct sales, as well as the important things to consider such as target audience, budget, availability, and competitor bench marking.

However, you should also remember that all channels have advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you pick the best one for your businesses market.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Digital Channel for Your Business 1