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Coconut Sap Sugar Production

A module titled “Profitability Analysis: Coconut Sap Sugar Production,” published by PCARRD explains the process of producing coconut sap sugar. The module was based on information adopted by PCARRD from the Philippine Coconut Authority. The production process is ideal in the farm level and can produce a high-value product from the sap of the coconut [&hellip

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Coco Sugar and Its Health Benefits

Nutritious and safe for one’s health. These best describe coconut sap sugar—coconut’s latest proof of its being the “tree of life.” Coco sugar is derived from coconut sap or toddy, locally known as “tuba”. When freshly gathered, coconut tree sap is oyster white in color and is inherently sweet. The sap contains 12–18% sugar in [&hellip

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