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Growing Breadfruit

Growing the fruit of life Breadfruit is not a popular tree but history owes something from it. The tree is first known in Jamaica in 1793, when it saved many people from starvation due to five hurricanes and severe drought that almost ruined that country. Planters of the West Indies heard of this “wonderful” tree [&hellip

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A taste of the exotic marang

Mindanao is famous for the precious fruit, durian, known for the paradoxical appeal of its luscious taste and texture underneath an utterly undesirable scent. Many Filipinos swear to the unique culinary experience that durian can give while others are simply repulsed by its overpowering smell. For those who dislike the taste and smell of durian, [&hellip

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DA puts up nurseries for nutritious breadfruit “Rimas” under a P36 million roadmap, releases Breadfuit ice cream in Masbate

The Department of Agriculture (DA) is putting up nurseries for nutrient-rich starchy breadfruit or “Rimas” under a P36 million roadmap even as a tasty Rimas-flavored ice cream will be released to the market in Masbate in August. Breadfruit may not be so popular in the Philippines. But it shows high potential to become a rich [&hellip

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