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Palmm Philippines (16-AUG-12 to 18-AUG-12)

Music has accompanied us through the ages with evolving melodies, harmony and songs. From the first beats tapped out by our ancestors to the synchronization of digital tunes of the new millennium, we have been continuously inspired. Music is perhaps the art that speaks most openly to us: a child’s tune brings a smile, a [&hellip

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Commworld (16-AUG-12 to 18-AUG-12)

Commworld, the country’s leading trade show dedicated to the fast expanding Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. The show will feature a unique extravaganza of products and services that put focus on the industry’s growth areas that facilitates and stimulates technological progress for the Philippine telecommunication industry. Commworld When: 16-AUG-12 to 18-AUG-12 Where: SMX Convention [&hellip

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Systems Integration Philippines (16-AUG-12 to 18-AUG-12)

Systems Integration Philippines is the only trade show in the country which covers today’s shift toward business integration and convergence in its entirety. This is the place where ideas are turned into deals. SYSTEM INTEGRATION PHILIPPINES will be the breeding ground for innovations. Systems Integration Philippines When: 16-AUG-12 to 18-AUG-12 Where: SMX Convention Center, Pasay, [&hellip

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