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GM crops like the Philippines-developed Bt eggplant to benefit biodiversity, prevent people’s exposure to health risks from chemicals

Genetically modified (GM) crops like the Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) eggplant being developed in the Philippines will have far-reaching benefit on biodiversity and prevent people’s exposure to health risks from chemicals. Scary stories against GM is being spread by supposed environmentalists. But GM really has really been the answer to preserving millions of hectares of land [&hellip

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SC allows biotechnology group to intervene in Bt eggplant case; ban threatens other food security crops

The Supreme Court (SC) has allowed a biotechnology group to intervene into the Bt eggplant case even as the Bt eggplant “ban” threatens other genetically modified (GM) crops that contribute to food security. In a resolution, the SC allowed the Biotechnology Coalition of the Philippines (BCP) to be a party to the Bt eggplant case [&hellip

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Farmers asked SC to reverse CA decision stopping GM eggplant field trials

A group of farmers has asked the Supreme Court (SC) to reverse a Court of Appeals (CA) decision that stopped field trial of the genetically modified (GM) eggplant as their livelihood may be adversely affected by the decision. The CA effectively ordered to stop the commercial development of the GM Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) eggplant through [&hellip

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