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Why Philippines is Best Outsourcing Destination

The best place to outsource the services of a call center is the Philippines and here are the reasons why. A Skilled Workforce  The Philippines boasts a high literacy rate which make a more-than-capable workforce for the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry such call centers. The Filipino people generally have a skillset that include proficiency [&hellip

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List of Philippine Festivals for the month of May

Every local or foreign tourist should also experience in going to various Philippine Festivals. If you want to experience what it’s like to be in the Philippines, aside from the white sand beaches, lush forest and mountains, lakes and rivers, sumptuous foods and rich culture of the Philippines, why not have some fun and visit various [&hellip

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10 Cheap Travel Hacks for Students

College time is a dream for many students. First, moving out form parents gives the possibility to observe your life from a different angle. When in the first year of classes, you are feeling a little bit unfocused and stressed after the studies changed your rhythms, the next year it is totally different. Many students [&hellip

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The Eight Wonders of the Maldives

Discover the Experiences Like No Other at the Eight Diving Spots at CROSSROADS Maldives, the World Where Leisure and Sustainability Meets In this picture: Emboodhoo Canyon, one of the Eight Diving Spots at CROSSROADS Maldives 18 July 2019 – The Maldives, the world’s tropical paradise, is about to become even more magical with the grand [&hellip

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Maldives for Family: Why CROSSROADS Maldives is the Perfect Family Destination for Your Next Getaway

The Maldives has long been romanticized as the world’s most coveted honeymoon destination. This year, the tropical paradise beckons multi-generational travelers with delightful offers of a family-friendly experience with the opening of CROSSROADS by Singha Estate. Set at Emboodhoo Lagoon, CROSSROADS by Singha Estate; Thailand’s leading real-estate development company, is a mere 15-minute speedboat ride [&hellip

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Best-kept Philippine destinations

Take advantage of the long holidays to relax and reflect in these best-kept Philippine destinations The next much-awaited time of the year in the Philippines after Christmas is the Lenten season. Many use this time to escape the hustle and bustle of life in Metro Manila and other big cities and just seek comfort and [&hellip

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Prime Hotel is Quezon City’s newest business and leisure destination

Hotel aims to cater to the city’s local and foreign visitors  A new addition to Quezon City’s vibrant commercial and leisure circles is now ready to cater to a growing group of business travelers and visitors, as the new Prime Hotel recently launched and opened its doors at 70 Sgt. Esguerra Street. Prime Hotel is located near EDSA, walking distance to the MRT [&hellip

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5 Road Trips To Take If You Want to Escape The Busy Metro

Admit it or not, sometimes even a few weeks of rest during the holiday season isn’t enough to keep our energy up for the entire year. Which is why sometimes long weekends and much-needed road trips are a fun idea. Staycations may be a common options, but most days what many prefer would be a [&hellip

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Secrets to Make Your Business Travel like a Vacation

Who doesn’t like travelling? While the journey itself can be exhausting, travelling gives you a chance to explore new places and cultures, and meet wonderful people along the way. On the other hand, travelling for business purposes is less casual and definitely more stressful: you usually have a set itinerary and a tight schedule you [&hellip

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Top 50 Travel and Tourism Business Ideas

In the Philippines alone, travel and tourism is a multi-billion peso business industry.  It contributes a lot in the economic growth and Gross domestic product (GDP) of the country. If you want to have a piece of the pie in tourism and travel business industry, why not try one of these travel and tourism business ideas. [&hellip

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