Is Google Glass Destined to be the Flop of the Year? 1

Google Glass is set to hit the gadget market this year, and is the latest gadget to be released in the hot trend of wearable tech. Products including connected bras and socks, even baby clothes, are part of the trend, but so far the wearable gadgets have not really taken the world by storm.

If this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Market) is anything to go by, this year could be the year for wearable tech, with problems in earlier releases being resolved and many more different types of gadget to hit the market.

However, is Glass going to be the first to appeal to a mass audience, or could it be another non-starter?

In order to find out the opinions that people hold about the glasses, have carried out a survey amongst 1132 people, and the results are not favourable. Overall, people felt they would be too embarrassed to be seen in public wearing the fashion item, and they also thought it costs too much for an item that they have no real need for.

Discover the full results of the survey in this infographic. Based on these, Google Glass could be all set to be the new Betamax, but only time will tell whether this futuristic gadget can really take off.

This infographic was created to display the results of some research carried out by about how people feel about Google Glass.