China‘s Kandi Technologies has created a huge car vending machine dispensing electric-powered cars for lease as part of an electric vehicle sharing program.

Situated in the city of Hangzhou, China, the first of the buildings is now in operation where residents can borrow the vehicle for CNY 20 an hour. Residents will get a card connected to their account, and when they go to one of the garages and swipe the card, the machine inside the building then quickly dispatch one of Kandi’s electric cars to the first floor. Kandi expects to have 50 of the service centers opened by March this year, with 750 garages — equal to 100,000 cars — projected in total for Hangzhou. The program is one step towards helping China achieve its goal of 2 million EVs on its streets by 2020 in an effort to deal with the serious problem in levels of toxic smog and air pollution in China. The video presented below features additional perspective about the new program:


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