The Social Security System (SSS) broadened further the reach of its innovative microsavings scheme called “AlkanSSSya,” as it now covers golf caddies and self-employed workers who serve members and clients of an elite golf club in Calatagan, Batangas province.

SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Emilio de Quiros, Jr. said the agency’s newest AlkanSSSya partner is the Samahan ng mga Caddy sa Calatagan Golf Club, Inc. (SCSCGCI). The association has over 200 members, most of whom are accredited caddies of the Calatagan Golf Club Inc. (CGCI) as well as the club’s umbrella girls and massage therapists.

“While public transport workers and market vendors currently comprise the majority of AlkanSSSya members, the recent participation of caddies, umbrella girls and ‘masahistas’ from the golf club show that self-employed workers from any type of industry can readily adapt this SSS program to their needs,” he said.

SSS Luzon South Division Head Virginia Cruz, SSS Batangas Branch Head Corazon Balagbis and SCSCGCI President Timoteo Gonzalez inked the agreement during ceremonies attended by De Quiros and other officials from SSS, CGCI and SCSCGCI at the Calatagan Golf Clubhouse on March 26, 2013.

SSS Assistant Vice President and Officer-in-Charge for Luzon Group Josie Magana, SSS Makati-Gil Puyat Branch Head Ma. Lourdes Flores, CGCI Administration Manager Roberto Agustin and CGCI Administration Officer Lina Bayubay served as witnesses.

The SSS launched the AlkanSSSya program in 2012 as part of its thrust to provide social security protection to self-employed and informal sector workers. The key component of the program is the “AlkanSSSya,” a secure metal cabinet with individual coin slots and compartments that stores workers’ daily savings for monthly SSS contributions.

“The design of the AlkanSSSya program makes accumulating funds for contributions less daunting for members. It highlights the fact that SSS protection can be affordable and within reach, as long as they have the discipline to save even just a little on a daily basis,” he said.

Under the AlkanSSSya program, self-employed and informal sector workers can contribute a minimum of P312 per month, or a little over P10 a day. Their savings will be counted at the end of every month and remitted to SSS for crediting to their personal SSS accounts.

“Many of the association’s members also earn a living from farming and fishing to augment their earnings as golf club workers. It would have been unfortunate if, despite their years of hard work, they had no social protection to look forward to, and this is what we want to address through AlkanSSSya,” de Quiros noted.