Margarito R. Andrade a topnotch Magsasaka Siyentista (MS) of the Banga Farmers’ Information and Technology Services (FITS) in Aklan is into darag native chicken production. As a cooperator of PCARRD’s Science and Technology-based Farm (STBF) on darag or native chicken production, Andrade produces hardened 45-day-old darag chicks.

Darag Native Chicken

Andrade, first runner-up in the 2008 search for outstanding MS, sells his darag chicks at P0.75/head. His farm is also capable of producing day-old chicks and ready-to-breed pullets/rooster.

Darag is the native chicken breed locally found in Western Visayas. It has established a niche market in the poultry industry due to its unique quality of meat and distinctive taste.

In a field day tour held in his farm, Andrade discussed how artificial incubation, brooding, and use of indigenous feeding supplements, such as Marande leaves (Tricanthera gigantea), duckweed, and golden “kuhol” can improve native chicken production. He also demonstrated the operation of his invention, the AC-DC incubator, and the artificial brooder warmed by an electric bulb.

PCARRD Livestock Research Division Director Edwin C. Villar said: “The bottom line of the (STBF) project is for the Magsasaka Siyentista to showcase the improvement in his farm productivity and economic benefits brought about by the S&T (science and technology) interventions recommended (by the project).”

Aside from PCARRD and WESVARRDEC, the Aklan State University (ASU) and FITS Center Banga are also helping Andrade in his business venture on darag.

Source: Mheda G. Garcia with Dems Z. Magpantay, S&T Media Service,