SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC/AQD) was established in 1973 to conduct research, develop technologies, disseminate information, and train people in the farming of fishes, crustaceans, mollusks, and seaweeds for food, livelihood, equity, and sustainable development.

aquaculture training

SEAFDEC Aquaculture 2015 Training schedule

Date/Status Training Course* Venue**
16 – 20 February
11 – 15 May
14 – 18 September

Accepting applicants
Freshwater Prawn Hatchery & Grow-out Operations BFS
16 – 20 March
01- 05 June
24 – 28 AugustAccepting applicants
Tilapia Hatchery & Grow-out Operations BFS
20 – 24 AprilAccepting applicants Carp Hatchery & Grow-out Operations BFS
21 April – 05 MayAccepting applicants Sandfish Seed Production, Nursery and Management TMS
17 – 21 August
12 – 16 OctoberAccepting applicants
Catfish Hatchery and Grow-out Operations TMS
06 -26 MayAccepting applicants Abalone Hatchery and Grow-out TMS
26 May – 17 JuneAccepting applicants Mud crab Hatchery, Nursery & Grow-out Operations TMS
17 June – 24 JulyAccepting applicants Marine Fish Hatchery TMS
24 November – 03 DecemberAccepting applicants Community-Based Freshwater Aquaculture for Remote Rural Areas of Southeast Asia TMS
08 September – 22 February 2015

Distance Learning Course: Basic Principles of Health Management in Aquaculture Online
Other courses
By arrangement

Accepting applicants
Fish Health Management TMS
By arrangement

Accepting applicants
Hatchery of Selected Species (Milkfish/Seabass/Grouper) TMS
By arrangement

Accepting applicants
Seaweed Farming TMS
By arrangement

Accepting applicants
Cage/Pond Culture of Selected Marine Species TMS
By arrangement

Accepting applicants
Detection of Viral Diseases in Fish and Shrimp TMS
By arrangement

Accepting applicants
On-site Training Course on Aquaculture Technologies (depending on training need of clients)

*Training courses may be postponed if minimum number of participants cannot be attained. Courses should have at least 7 local participants

**BFS – Binangonan Freshwater Station, Tapao Point, Binangonan, Rizal; TMS -Tigbauan Main Station, Tigbauan, Iloilo

***Training fees cover cost of registration, training materials, field trips, accident insurance and lodging except meals

For more information, please contact:

Training and Information Division
Tel No.: (6333) 330 7030; Fax No.: (6333) 330 7031
Email:, (for BFS-based training courses)
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