Baler, Donsol towns shift to 4G LTE

Globe’s aggressive builds and modernization of its network to 4G LTE are expected to bring better and more enjoyable mobile experience to its customers in key locations in Aurora and Sorsogon provinces.

Aside from Baler, Globe has upgraded its network capacity to 4G LTE in Dipaculao, Maria Aurora and San Luis in Aurora; and in Donsol, Castilla, Gubat, Matnog, Pilar and Sorsogon City in Sorsogon Province.

For the past three months, the company has made 13 site upgrades in the four towns of Aurora.  4G LTE is now fully available in the five towns and in the capital city of Sorsogon after Globe modernized 15 sites in Sorsogon province.

Baler and Donsol are expected to fully experience the migration to 4G LTE, the new standard of mobile data, within the first two weeks of April.  The remaining areas will also get to experience the improvement within the month.

“For the customers to experience the advantages and benefits of having clearer voice calls, low probability of dropped calls and to send and receive text messages on time, we are asking them to upgrade their old 3G SIM cards now to 5G-ready 4G LTE SIMs. To upgrade to 4G LTE capable mobile devices, they can avail of existing Globe promos that will give them the best value for their money,” said Joel Agustin, Globe Senior Vice President for Program Delivery, Network Technical Group.

In order to help customers migrate faster and with ease, Globe has designated the following establishments to help them upgrade their SIM cards for FREE.